Ca-certificates update

Hi there,
it seems we are left alone, users of
My Cloud with firmware
with no possibility to upgrade to
My Cloud OS 5 Firmware for My Cloud (with firmware)
The issue now concerns the ca-certificates as mentioned above.
the command (under ssh) update-ca-certificates doesn’t give result.
Trying to upgrade via apt-get is stopped at dpkg, because
dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.17.27_armhf.deb (–unpack):
trying to overwrite ‘/etc/logrotate.d/dpkg’, which is also in package wd-nas 02.50.00-1620186
is there any way to fix this, since now it seems impossible to connect securely.
Using curl, I must use the option -k (insecure) !
I know it’s an old device, but it’s still working really fine (I changed the drive several times).
Meanwhile, I bought a DL2100 way too expensive for the time it lasted !

Thanks for your reply

Do not do an “apt-get” on the single bay My Clouds. Typically, especially on the first gen v4.x single bay My Clouds, it will brick the unit. WD has customized the Linux firmware on these My Clouds to the point that doing an apt-get will typically cause problems if not outright brick the unit entirely. On the first gen single bay My Cloud (v4.x firmware) WD uses a different page file size (or what ever it’s called) than the standard Linux page file size.

One could, if they were so inclined, use the GPL source code files for the single bay My Cloud and roll their own firmware with the modules or changes they need and see if it will work for them. Of course additional knowledge and skill will be needed to built one’s own firmware from the GPL release files WD provides.

WD My Cloud (Single Bay) GPL Source Code Files: