Bunch of strange files created on root level of MyCloud Home

Hello, since sometimes (last app or firmware update ?) I have a bunch of unidentified files with no extension showing up on the root level of my WD Home disk. They have names such as “6naM9PQ” or “-QznxrU” weighing between 131 Ko and 2.1 Mo.
Any idea what is going on ?
Thanks and best.

Im having the same problem… and not only at root level, sometimes inside subfolders.

Hello, what are this files? e.g.: i59LapI in the root folder, they are 7 - 11 MB size. Can I delete them?

Yes you can delete them. Even the WD people do not know what the have down to make this issue to come up. Sad enough. If this is your only problem with My cloud home you are very lucky :slight_smile:

Since my first post I deleted these files, some more came back a few times but not anymore. Probably since I stopped syncing folders from my Mac.

I’m surprised (and disappointed) nobody from WD replied to this issue.