Random files on home directory

I am using a WD My Cloud Home 4TB. My home directory has hundreds of files in it which appear to be system generated. They have no file extension and the names of the files appear to be random such as “ZmHlqWc” or “YZSKJrM”. They also vary dramatically in size with some being as small as 1KB whilst the largest is 63 MB.

In total, I have 344 of these files taking up 6 GB. I don’t mind that so much if they are important but I have over 300 files in my home directory cluttering it up.

What are these files? What are they for? Can I delete them without any issues?

Many thanks.

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I have a similar problem. 78 files with random names - 154MB all 2,048 Kb with one exception of 128 KB.

I don’t have a clue what these are - it would be nice to know.

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@joerv007 @nhowarth

Try a Google search.

Same here, 1 file that is 14 mb with a random generated name.

MCH sync is based on the the opensource syncthing where similar problem occurred.

Temporary files are removed after 24h. However leftover syncthing.*.tmp files are a sign of incomplete or aborted sync progress, so you should probably investigate that (possible question: are the non-temporary files really equivalent to the source and are the temp files also equivalent or different?).

Most users don’t bother to check and just delete them after a while.

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