My cloud Home create files itself!


Good morning everyone,
a week ago i’ve noticed some executable files inside my drive. I’ve tried to delete them but, the day after, here they are!

They are located at the beginning, and continue to grow in number.
I think isn’t normal. Someone have solved?

I’m a new user so i cannot attach the images, but i can describe the situation down here:

  • “MY FOLDER 1”
  • BBk_Ujy
  • “MY FOLDER 2”
  • “MY FOLDER 3”
  • G2LY9xy
  • KbpSOG0
  • qfz0XU8


Where are you seeing these files?

  • Web Browser using
  • Windows or macOS using WD Discovery?
  • Mobile App ?

Please open a support case with us


The files are in the drive folder, before my personal folders.
I see them both using wd Discovery or web browser or app.

I’ve just opened a support case