Built-in ftp server can not resume upload / download

Need help with built-in vsftpd !

From client side it seems it can resume transfer, but

it starts transfer from the beginning of the incomplete file.

An Example:

There is a 50 MB file

transfer stops

incomplete file is 20 MB

resume transfer

after it “completes” transfer file will be 30 MB

Or simply doesn’t make any changes on incomplete file… :frowning:

Problem still exist on latest FW 2.2.9 … :frowning:

Any idea? Nobody has the same problem?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I did the test myself with a FTP client (FTPRush) and resume is supported?

I have no problem on my side.

I’ve always use Total Commander 's build in ftp client.

I haven’t tried it with a standalone client.

with Total Commander  v6.54 's built in ftp client

Resume works when downloading from server.

Doesn’t work when uploading to server.

With FTP Rush v2.12 It’s working normally… :S

But I don’t like tu use standalone ftp client… :frowning: