Broken WD passport

Suddenly my computer can not see my WD passport. I have tried it on other computers and i
Have the same problem.
Is there a way of recovering the files on my passport please?
I am desperate as I have very important files on there that are not backed up anywhere else.
Thank you

Hi @Winray2022,

Please follow the below link for Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive.

Title: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive.

Title: WD external drive is not seen by Windows or Mac and data on the drive is inaccessible.
WD External Drive Not Seen on Windows or Mac and Data Inaccessible

In order to understand the health of the drive, we would request you to install WD Drive Utilities and share the test result with us:

Title: How to install WD Drive Utilities( For both Windows and MAC)

Step One: Try other computers (sounds like you did that)
Step Two: Try other USB cables (This is a common problem)

Step Three: Take a deep breath. . . .because you are not in a good place.

Step Four: Try a data recovery program. There is a good chance this is a dead drive. Possibly a bad partition table or a full blown mechancial failure.

Yes, you can recover your files.

Since it seems that your drive have failed, the only way to recover your data is with a recovery service.

I can suggest SalvageData. You can send them your drive for a free in-lab evaluation.

Good luck!