Brand new WB My Book 4TB with >500 MB 'Additional space'

I have just installed the softwares associated with my brand new WD My Book 4TB. I am yet to copy any file to it. On opening WD SmartWare, I’m shown >500 MB of used up area as ‘Additional files’, and only 3.63GB as free.

I gather from here that these files are usually the ones transferred manually to the device. However, in my case I’m yet to transfer any file to the device.

Moreover, using the windows browser, I see that only this 3.63 GB is shown on the external hard drive. Within this is around 271 MB of files (may be installation files of software, manuals, etc., which came with the device).

What am I supposed to do to retrieve this space?

That’s probably right. Part of it is a numbers game and complicated. My 1 T internal shows as 931 G. So 4 T should be around 3.74. Then there is a VCD and software such as Smartware loaded on the disk taking more space. You can move or delete the files but the VCD will stay. Hope this helps.