Brand New My Passport Ultra 3TB No Unlock Prompt to unlock the device!

Hello folks,

I am new here and just joined the community. I need help regarding my brand new My Passport Ultra 3TB drive which I got a week back and I am facing a problem with it. Actually I got it in my home country before flying to another one for work and copied all the data into this drive from my home laptop and encrypted it using the WD Security.

Now, in the host country, when I connected the drive to another laptop, I know that it detects the drive (installed all the drivers, shows up in the device manager and also in the disk management as fully unallocated) but I don’t get any unlock prompt to put my password in to get it unlocked.

I brought another old WD 500GB drive as well from home and it immediately shows the folder which contains all the utilities and also when I open up the WD Security it asks me the password for this drive but for the new drive, no folder pops up with the Virtual CD option or anything, basically nothing happens and on the WD Security I get the “Set Security” option for this new drive which is strange because it already has the password/security set up and it should ask the password instead of the “Set Security” dialogue.

The drive has all my important data and I can’t afford to lose that or mess up with it, not at this stage at least. At first I wanted to put in the same password on the “Set Security” page and see what happens but then I thought it might wash everything on the drive so I landed here.

Please help me with this, I hope I have provided appropriate details to explain my problem

R/Faisal` .


Try to connect the drive to another computer to see if on that computer you can get the prompt for a password

Hi. Thanks for replying. I have connected to multiple computers but it’s the same. Not sure what is messed up here :pensive: