Boobies and Beer for DVDFab WDTV live Hub Help

Okay I have a WDTV Live hub, I am not that great with computers, how I managed this far I have no clue. That being said I am seeking some dumbed down step by step help here. I have been using a WDtvLive Hub for years, 1TB full. I have been upgrading ( or trying anyways) my home network. I Have a Windows 10, WDTV Live hub, WD Mycloud, Tons of other “Smart” devices and I just received My DVDFab Movie Server. Sadly they have 0 help and forums have not helped, I get a we are working on making guides for use now statements. Seriously?! Your site says user friendly… NOT! But I have 8TB WD Gold HDD inserted. I am trying to "Network Everything together and I have run into countless issues and thought at least for on I would reach out here. Why not right!? If ya made it this far there’s hope! It’s simple, How the hell do I figure out my network path to my wdtv Hub for it to mount to? how will it looked typed in? My breain is fried and thats where I am starting. Or find me a networking PC guineas and I will pay well, get them drunk and make my hottie of a GF strutt around naked!! She says hell yeah cause I give the Network and PC more attention these days than her. It asks for IP which i figured out, and share folder name. one option asks for user and pass, not sure for what there.

Hi there, where do you have the WD Gold internal hard drive? Are you trying to access that internal hard drive through the WD TV Live Hub? Check if the links below contain any helpful information.

Actually it’s inside a DVDFab movie server, which I am trying to link to my
twonky/WDTVLive hub so they are teathered. I just can’t figure out what to
type to mount it other than either one of their iP’s

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