All my data is unviewable!

I uprade my live tv hub to the 2.08 Firmware (latest version) and now i cannot map or view any of my files on my Hub through my pc or tv.

Ive reset to factory settings, rebooted, power cycled, cleared media library and tried to roll back firmware.

Ive succesfully rolled back to 2.07 (Previous verison) and that did not solve the problem.

someone please help save all my data!!!


Wait, do you still access to the internal drive of the Hub? If you go to the setup, then system, and disk manager, are you able to see the drive?

Nope, no access to the Drive. i can see my passport when i plug it into the hub. but no internal drive.

So after talking to a level one tech support they suggested i visit one of thier “partner companies” to get my data recovered from my WD Live TV Hub (At my expense)

I spoke to a lvl 2 tech and he said he would allow me to open the HUB and remove the HD to extract the data my self…Only kicker is the HD has Linux on it…and i dont have a Linux based machine.

Sooo, i got another scheduled tech call tonight so we can try a few more tricks before i crack this thing open and find someone with a Linux OS.

This is so un-professional of WD.

If anyone has any tips on how to get this HUB working again, please let me know…i’d appreciate it!


Linux? The drive inside of the WD TV Live Hub is formatted in NTFS.

hmmm, maybe ill yank it out and load it on my systme if this lvl 2 tech fails tonight.

There’s multiple partitions.   The USER partition is NTFS, so your PC will have no problems accessing that partition.