Blinking Red Light - My Cloud

Hi there,

I bought a refurbished MyCloud device a couple of months ago which worked perfectly. I now reused the 3TB WD HDD in a Synology and installed a 2TB Seagate HDD. And since then I cannot connect to the WD. A red blinking light appears all the time. I am not able to see the IP address in my router. I have started applying the procedure here (My Cloud Blinking Red Light), I insert the USB Drive , the light starts blinking yellow-red but I still do not see any IP in my router so I cannot telnet the device.

Any clue?

Thank you in advance for your help. BR,


Did you use one of the ‘unbricking’ procedures to install the firmware on the new drive?

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I used this procedure ( but I cannot make step 4 because I do not see the IP address of MyCloud in my router (I even installed MyNet View app from WD). I checked with the same cable and router port with a laptop and, in this case, I get an IP address…

Do you believe that unmounting the HDD from the MyCloud and formatting it connected to a laptop would make sense?

I will try tomorrow ald let you know… Cheers,

Make sense for what? Getting the MyCloud running again?


Getting the data off the HDD?


Giving up on using the MyCloud, and simply salvaging the HDD for use in a PC?

Yes, that’s an option.

That procedure is for a gen2 device; is your device a gen1 or gen2 device? Gen2 devices have a serial number ending in -10

Haha, thanks for making it clear… Sure, it is a Gen2 device (p/n ending with 10).

Ethernet port is blinking green so I guess it is working fine… Rgds