Blinking green light and no access to drive

I was having problems setting up user names and access on my my book live 2gb.

I did a reset by pressing the button on the back for 4 seconds.

It now blinks green all the time.

I cant access it on the network, my router doesnt see it and  I cant even map the drive when connected directly to my computer.

Please help, I dont want to lose all the data I have on it.

Thank you!


Did you try power cycle without the data cable?

You can try a different port on the router as well

Can you describe power cycle with out cable?

Also I did try a completly different router and still no luck.

Just the flashing green light. :frowning:

Just unplug the drive from the router and power

remove the Ethernet cord,  connect back to power and check the light behavior, reconnect to router

I had the exact same problem.  Could not access Dashboard, could not connect to the drive via network or anything.  After numerous email exchanges with WD Support, I found the only thing they will do is replace the drive via the warranty.  Unfortunately, this is no good to me since all of my data is on there, pictures, videos, music, laptop backups, etc.  Unfortunately, I had too much faith in the WD MyBook Live 2TB and did not back up onto to anything else. 

My MacBook Pro will allow me to re-partion it and format the drive, but again that loses all my data.  So, I tried Drill Dr and some other data recovery software, but so far no good.  

As a last resort I sent the drive to a Data Recovery company.  They tell me the head stack is damaged and firmware corruption.  They, of course, can recover the data for me, but it will cost $1,495 to do so.  

Is there a way to recover the data without paying $1,495?  Can one buy replacement head stacks and fix the drive while preserving the data?  

Any help or guidance would be great.


Welcome to the club !!!

I have the same issue, I have 2TB Live … EVERY 3 or 4 DAYS I HAVE TO UNPLUG THE POWER & PLUG AGAIN

  • In Normal conditions i.e. when it is working the green keeps flashing & the drive does not sleep !