Constant Flashing Green LED

Hi there,

I’ve had a move around in my office which involved moving my My Book Live. It was in idle mode (blue led) so I disconnected it from the power it and repositioned it. Since booting it back up, the led has been a constant blinking green led and has been like that for the last 24 hours. I haven’t been able to access it on the network. I can feel by touching the case that the drive is doing something as it does when its reading/writing data. I’ve tried both resetting with it powered up and not powered up but neither work. I did however restart it without being connected to the network and the led stayed a steady green but as soon as I connected it to the network it started blinking green again. Could it be doing some kind of indexing procedure? I’m running the drive via a Mac if that helps with any possible solutions.

sorry but you unplugged it without doing a “shut down” from the dashboard?

I was unable to use the dashboard because as I said, I could not access the drive on the network. However, I have found the cause of the problem. After booting it back up, it decided it wanted to share the same IP address as my CCTV system, but because I couldn’t physically see the drive, I was unable to see that the IP address had changed until I disconnected everything else from the network. Lesson learnt!

Good to read that!