Bios degraded DS5100

We had an original error ‘Imminent failure boot drive: A’ on our DS5100 server. We ended up purchasing a new WD3200buct drive matching the original one and cloned the old to new. It boots up and we can log in okay. However, the server is now reporting an error ’ bios degraded ’ which looks to indicate the server is utilizing the backup bios. Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Appreciate any answer. Thank you.

Mine has said that for 5 years or so now. It turns on, then restarts, and then boots up. I still knew folks on the team at WD then and they allowed it should automatically restore the BIOS. When I said it did not they offered no other ideas.

Thank you Gramps. Ours does exactly the same thing. We’ll see if it updates. We have noticed other self updating processes so we will see.

Again, thank you for your quick response.


If you find a fix let me know please and thank you :smiley:
PS: You would think there would be a “function” in BIOS, but I never found one. I added a second boot drive not on the white list years ago and removed it, but I do not see how that would affect BIOS

The original drive that had the imminent failure would still boot and you never see the Bios Degraded error. It was only with the new cloned drive that the error appeared on. However, the cloned drive is a certifide refurbished one. We do have a never used new drive coming with a 3 year warranty but, it won’t arrive here till later this week. We are planning to clone it and install it this coming Saturday. Meanwhile, we need to get the server back into production till then.

By the way, we tried installing a larger SSD but, the Bios never saw the drive which we found disturbing.

I’ll let you know how it goes, I promise.