DS5100 Boot drive A migrating to B stopped at 59%

I have a DS5100 Windows Essential server that has "Imminent failure Boot drive A message.
Put a second identical drive in and rebooted it.
Immediately started saying it is Migrating Boot Volume.Started this Friday afternoon - now saying it is at 59%.
Been at that since around 1AM. Appears to be stopped.
Should I assume it is junk and rebuild it?
The server responds to a ping but nothing else.
Thanks for any help!

It may be struggling with whatever bad part of the drive suggested failure? Depends on how long you can wait and see.

That said, how are you going to rebuild it? Has WD sent you the software? Or do you have an image of the original drive with the recovery partition?

After several hours it jumped from 59% to 82%.
Finished late yesterday and rebooted ok.

I do have full image bu of it.

Weekend support from them is basically useless.

Tom Ogilvie

Thanks for the update(s) :slight_smile: