DS5100 users in 2023

I am in the process of decommissioning two Western Digital DS5100 units that are functional and have all of their parts.

Is any one still using DS5100 that need parts or a backup unit to their existing setup?

I would prefer that these units go to someone who genuinely needs the units rather than recycling them.

Hi Daniel,

I’d be interested in acquiring these. DM me?

Kent, after additional work on the units, I determined that only one was functional and I just sold that unit today.

The remaining unit is dead and I am thinking you don’t want that one.

Agree! Hey thanks for the reply! Glad you managed to sell one of them.

Much appreciated!

Hey by the by, Did you mean the drives are dead or the last unit wont power on? Aside from the boot drive, I wouldn’t want to ship one anyway with the HDD’s installed. Way too expensive and heavy.

The unit powered on, but it didn’t boot and I couldn’t get it to boot to recovery.

I cannibalized the unit to make enough parts to make the other unit functional to sell.

What’s left is the base unit, with no power cable, no data drives, a damaged data ribbon to the LCD, and no screws to close the unit up.

I don’t even think I have the keys for the data door.

It’s effectively dead, only good for parts from it (hard drives, memory, etc.)

Understood thanks Daniel!