Best Transfer Protocol to use

I’ve got MBL set up for external access through the internet, (opening FTP ports).  I want to backup files to the MBL but trying to figure out the best way to do it.  I’m using GoodSync Pro, and it supports FTP, SFTP and WEBdav.  I’ve got it working using FTP, but was thinking one of the other protocols would be better/more secure.  Can the MBL support eith SFTP or WebDAV, would they be better/faster than FTP?

I tried WebDAV and the response from MBL was "Method not allowed (status code 405), (do I need to open different ports?  I currently have 20 and 21 open)

I tried SFTP, and response is “server did not accept authentication”

I’m hoping I can do something better/faster/more secure than ftp.


it will all depend on your needs…

FTP = Faster, easier to setup, no secure

SFTP = slower due to compression/encryption, secure, harder to setup as it runs over SSH

What would the steps be to set up SFTP through SSH?

I’d like to try some benchmarks and compare.

No need to set sftp, sftp runs over ssh, so you need to setup ssh… Does it make sense?

Anyhow… check this post…

ok, I enabled ssh on MBL, do I need to open the ssh port (22) on the router to the mbl for external access?  I’m assuming so.

Is there any risk of doing this?  Its seems to work at the same speed (internal to my LAN), but my goal is to make things more secure from external.

Thanks for your help.


Read my whole post, bottom part mentions the forwarding…

Risk? Yes, you just opened ssh access from the internet to MBL. It is encrypted, so it is secure, use strong passwords. But there is always a risk.

Thanks, didn’t read that far down. :flushed:

What is “Set DDNS on your router”, I don’t see that setting, what would it be under?

Test ssh for your users within the home network. If all works, then proceed to:

  • Set your router to forward port TCP 22
  • Set DDNS on your router

Check your router and read the router’s manual. Also google “how to set DDNS”.

The settings above have nothing to do with MBL, it will all depend on your router.