BBC iPlayer - Optical Audio and Lip Sync

I want to watch BBC iPlayer using Optical Audio out, direct to my Amp (“Digital Pass-Through via Optical Only”). This leads to lip sync issues. I know one can adjust lip sync when watching videos by pressing “Options”. But this is not available when watching iPlayer.

Does anyone know if adjustments made in Options for video playback carry over to iPlayer playback? I have been trying to test this but it has driven me bananas not knowing which way I am going (does the delay refer to audio or video?) and it takes so much effort coming out of iPlayer, loading a video, going into options, and so on…back and forth…

Hopefuly someone will save me the angst!


I would check the settings on your AMP … if you see a setting called “Delay” set it to “0” 

(I don’t have access to BBC iPlayer, but just mentioning this, since my AMP via “Optical” has a “Delay” Audio Setting in the Speaker Setup config)

Thanks. I’m pretty sure my Kenwood amp does not have a delay setting. I will carry on testing the setting in “options” and report back if I come to a conclusion, one way or t’other.

My AMP is a cheap Teac … i would find it difficult to believe a “Kenwood” higher-end AMP would not have a “Delay” setting.

John, could you please post the Model Number of your Kenwood,  so i can look-up the user manual ?  thanks :smiley: