No sound with BBC iplayer with optical

I have a WDTV live with the latest firmware. I am using an optical out to my amp (the amp does not have an HDMI input but is a surround sound amp. it’s an old Arcam)

I have the audio settings set to Digital passthrough via optical

No sound in iplayer.

I have tried setting it to just setreo and unticking various options for the amp in the optical passthrough settings but still no sound in Iplayer

Also no sound in youtube

sound in all movies stored on external hard drive works just fine (DTS, dolby digital, stereo etc.)

anyone have any ideas?


I rebooted the WDTV and now I have sound in iplayer.

I have no idea why the sudden change.

I still have it set to optical passthrough with just DTS and doblby digital ticked in the amp support section of the optical passtrhough

Oh well, works now!

Welcome to the Community and thank you for sharing what worked for you.