Set global/permanent lip-sync offset?

Hi guys,

I recently got a new TV - Sony Bravia W800b (really pleased with it FWIW)

I now have an issue with my WDTV Live in that ALL my media now seems to be out of audio sync.

My media library is on a locally connected WD hard drive via USB and is mostly .mkv format files. The connection to the TV is via HDMI and the audio output is via digital optical to an older Harmon Kardon 5:1 amp.

Every time I play something, I have to manually set a -200ms offset in the options for that show, else the lip-sync is off.

I don’t have the problem with my Blu Ray player (same inputs to the same devices) or my Apple TV (same again) - only the WDTV.

I haven’t worked out if it is possible to set an audio delay on the amp for that particular channel yet, so I would prefer to set the lip-sync offset globally and permanently on the WDTV but I can’t see an option for this.

Any ideas?



Unfortunately a permanent option is not available. This is in order to prevent a global setting negatively affecting videos with a synchronized audio track.

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Oh well - thanks for letting me know!