Bad drive in MBLD 6tb (2x3tb). can I upgrade to larger?

drive b says bad when I do a test on my array. my machine is 7 years old or so. if I don’t care about losing data can I just swap in new drives? can I go larger than 3tb drives. I read to replace with them the old green drives it came with (wd30ezrx ) but also read the new red drives will work? what are my options to get my machine up to snuff again? thanks in advance.

Since this section seems pretty dead I figure I’ll post updates to others who may still have these running. Test shows errors on b. Web page disk section shows both drives good though. I am trying to copy what’s on it while waiting on 2 wd red 3tb drives. From what I read I may not be able to drop 2 empty drives in. It may have to be done 1 at a time. Something about the software not being built into the unit. I’ll post my progress.

I popped my new drive into b. it is initializing. we’ll see how long that takes.

So it initialized one drive, then I put in the other. My system says 3tb out of 6tb total and as a stacked drive with nothing on it. Since they are empty I am trying striping then back to stacked to see what that does. (Just to screw around).

doh. i made a rookie error not paying attention. it was saying 3gb of 6tb when i looked closer so i was just not paying attention. i’m copying some stuff i backed up before to the new drive. i may then swap the old ones back in and see if I can pull more off the old ones.

Look here for the steps that works (I’ve tried this process myself) :