I use WD SmartWare software for backup PC HDD on 2TB My Book or 3TB My Cloud. As I see the backup process only add new files that was adeded to the PC HDD to the external hard drives but not remove files that was erased in the PC. I expect that the software will keep the external as a mirror of the PC. Can sombody help in this situation. Thanks Nadav


WD Smartware is a backup software not a synchronization software.

WD Smartware wont erase any information from your computer.

Please note that a real backup is having multiple copies of your files on different locations.

I’m having the same problem. When I delete a file from the PC it remains on the backup. There needs to be a way to rid the backup of unwanted files. I think I read somewhere that this can happen if the source (PC) us rescanned. I also think I read that to do a rescan you need to uninstall and reinstall the smartware program. I haven’t tried this yet so don’t know if this will work.

There needs to be a way to rid the backup of unneeded files. Hope someone has an answer.

Just tried uninstall and reinstall. This did NOT work to remove files that were deleted from the source from the backup. Before reinstalling I removed WD files from app data (w7). After reinstall smartware just backed up files to the same backup file on the target drive. When reinstalled the smartware uses the original folders to store backup files. It would even help if after a reinstall that new backup folders would be created.

There needs to be a way to remove unwanted files from the backup.

I think I will use Goodsynch to do my backups. But this almost defeats the purpose of WD SmartWare and an NAS home cloud drive.

I am running Windows 7 SP1 and below is an example of how you should be able to remove folders, files or more than one image. This example shows how I have removed images from mine. It works the same way as I would do it on my computer. I select the first image and then go to the next one, press the Shift key and then all those in between become selected too. See images and more info below.

After selecting images as shown above then click on Options icon and then Delete. You should see the box below come up and it will show how many images were chosen. I had 13 chosen when I captured the image.

If I have the same images on both my computer and my My Cloud I can place both screens side by side and remove the images. See image below. The image should look better if you use this link.

I hope this helps.

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It seems like this method requires manual deletion of backup files. Automatic deletion is what is needed. I found a free program that does this, PureSynch. I’ve only used it a little bit, but it seems to work quite well.