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i have a problem

i created a back up from an external hard to my book and i set it to create a back up in my book  whenever i change in my external hard. but there is a problem.

when i change a file’s name in the source backup, the same folder’s name in my book don’t change. instead it creates a new folder with a new name and the last file exist too. or when i delet a file in source backup it won’t be deleted in my book. so i have a lot of repeated files in my book.

how can i solve this problem? is there any setting that i can set it to delet files from a time on? or i set it to recognize file’s new name and don’t create a new file?


The WD Smartware is a backup software not a synchronization software.

If you delete a file from the source, it wont be deleted from the backup drive.

Unfortunately, there’s no errors on your case. That’s the way that the WD Smartware works.

What you can do on this case is to create a new threat on the ideas board to see if synchronization can be implemented.

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thank you

do you know a good synchronization software to use?

I use Goodsync it’s not free. Check at MS I think they have a free one for some versions of Windows.