Backup/Safepoint Drive size

Does the backup drive need to be the same size as the My Cloud drive in order for Safepoint to work properly?

I have a 4TB My Cloud and a 1 TB My Passport Ultra connected to it as backup. If I et up automatic Sharepoint backups (daily, weekly, doesn’t matter) , Sharepoint doesn’t automatically run. Only way is to do a manual update.

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Does the backup drive need to be the same size as the My Cloud drive in order for Safepoint to work properly?[/quote]
No. The backup drive has to be large enough to hold the content that is backed up by SafePoint.

However, having a backup drive exactly the same size or larger isn’t a bad idea as one never has to worry about the SafePoint failing due to lack of space on the backup drive.

Don’t know if SafePoint generates log entries when it fails to run an automated backup but you may want to check the log files to see if there is a reason why the automatic backup isn’t working.

Thanks for the reply. The current backup is only 89GB, so there’s plenty of room.

Safe point doesn’t generate a log - it just doesn’t run at all. Really frustrating as WD Support doesn’t have a clue or solution.

It works fine for me. I would delete and recreate the safepoint. First create the safepoint without a schedule. Then once it’s properly created, enable the schedule. Enable email alerts and you do get alerts (with minimal log) sent via email for both safepoint creates and updates.

Also are you on latest firmware?

Yep…updated the firmware when it was released. I’ve tried deleting/recreating the safepoint several times with the same results. i.e. been there done that tried it multiple times.

I’m starting to think it has to do with the size of the backup drive - i.e. I need to get a 4TB USB drive instead of using a 1TB drive as backup.

You should get some sort of notice under the Notification Icon() when something fails or goes wrong on the My Cloud. Have you checked there to see if there is any sort of message that indicates what happened with the SafePoint backup?

That’s the thing - no Notification is provided. No indication that the automated Safepoint backup didn’t run. Nuthin’

You can have a smaller USB drive as long as the size of your backups is less than the size of the drive. I have a 3TB USB with a 4 TB My Cloud and it’s working fine.

Just did a Safepoint auto update on a 1T My Cloud to 500GB external USB drive and it appears to have completed successfully. No errors.

Your safepoint was updated successfully. (2)
Your safepoint wd500gb on the WD500GB share on WDMyCloud was updated successfully.
Monday, February 08, 2016 9:01:12 PM Code 2102

I have a 5GB Seagate USB 3.0 to backup my 4GB WDCloud. This allows other files to be copied without worrying about my WDCloud backup.