Safepoint size doesn't match original

I have a 4TB My Home NAS drive. I have connected a 4TB WD Elements drive to it via USB. I wanted to backup NAS folders to teh Elements but that appears to be impossible. I created a safepoint for my 1.1TB of data on my NAS which took 24-36hrs. When I compare some folder sizes they are vastly different, even though I got an email report from my NAS drive that teh safepoint creation had been successful.

I would like to either backup specific folders (NAS to Elements drive) or have a safepoint folder with contents that match teh NAS drive.

Guidance advice comments appreciated.


@Hookman I don’t own a My Cloud Home, but, have you looked at the User Manual?

do you have a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud? IIRC the My Cloud Home does not support safepoint.

It’s obviously a My Cloud as I have teh option to create a safepoint. I had assumed it was My Cloud Home but it is just My Cloud.

@Hookman Have you looked at Help on the Dashboard for information about what a Safepoint does. See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

To find more information about My Cloud see the following.