Backup problems with WD My Book essential 1 TB (Smartware Version

Hi, I need help with my computer backup. First, I want to say that this is not the first backup I do. I back up regularly every week. Now it seems that there is a problem : It seems that the software works properly - the computer recognizes the external disk and the external disk recognize the computer but  clicking on the backup button does not start the backup. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Thank you


Hi, do you have the WD Smartware latest version? if not I can recommend to go to and update your software, that may solve the issue.-

My WD did back up automatically now no it doesnt and what is a WD button you click where is it??? Merrykay

Merrykay if you mean the backup button, is located on the backup tab, when you are on the backup area you’ll see a button that says either Run Backup or Start Backup depending on the version of Smartware you have.-

Thanks. Indeed reinstalling the software solved the problem even though the software was updated.

Good to know Noa_Laor :smileyvery-happy: