Backup problem on My Passport Ultra

I’m using WB Backup, and I keep getting the error message that says, “Unable to back up files to My Passport Ultra because there is not enough space.” However, there is plenty of space on My Passport that is 3TB. The files that I need to backup is about 2TB. How can I solve that problem?


Are you able to transfer files manually to your My Passport?

What’s the operating system on your computer and is the My Passport formatted in NTFS?

Yes, I can transfer files manually to My Passport. The operating system is Windows 10, and My Passport is formatted in NTFS.

I just found out when I go to the edit files options. I check off only the c: drive and users directory instead of check off all the libraries(CameraRoll, Documents, Music, etc…). My Passport is working and backing up. If I check off all the libraries, will these libraries fill up a lot more room and overfill the storage space?

Also,I have two hard drives in my computer. The files I need to backup is enough for one My Passport. I only can backup just one drive only instead of two drives.