Backup my cloud to another external drive

Is there a way to automatically backup my backup drive? I’m using a my cloud drive to backup my computer (windows 10). I’d like to backup this backup to a WD my book drive, both 4TB.

I’ve seen third party utilities that can do this, (AOMEI for example). Does WD offer a utility that can do this, or a recommendation for another method?


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Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( One can connect a USB hard drive to the USB port on the My Cloud to backup the My Cloud to that USB hard drive. See Chapter 10 - Managing Backups in the User Manual for more information on how to setup backups through the My Cloud Dashboard.

Or one can attach a USB hard drive to their local network computer and use a third party program (like Free File Sync - for example) to copy data from the My Cloud to that local computer’s hard drive or attached USB drive.

I use both methods to have two sets of data backups on external USB hard drives.

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Thank you very much! I’ll research it via the MyCloud documentation. I went through several posts on the WD community, but they were older posts.

I appreciate your help!

Christopher Hoffa

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For backing up a WD My Cloud to a USB. Is there a way to have this back up occur automatically? I have a 4TB My Cloud with a 4TB Elements drive connected to it. I’m looking to have the My Cloud back up to the Elements automatically. Basically a Raid 1 simple mirror effect.
Safepoint previously use to have an option to do so (to an attached USB) but it appears there is no way to do this automatically any longer.

The option is still there in Safepoint using the latest v4.x firmware for a single bay My Cloud.

As one steps through the process (or if you already have a Safepoint backup process created), one needs to set the Auto Update option to On to get the various options for setting up repeating backups.

Over time I found SafePoint to occasionally be problematic. I didn’t like that I couldn’t choose specific Shares or subfolders to backup, instead SafePoint is an all or nothing affair. So I wound up using Rsync and CRON to automate backing up specific Shares/folders on a specific schedule and then having an email sent indicating the success or failure of that backup. Some past threads on using Rsync and other firmware commands (via SSH) to backup Shares or folders.

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Hello. I hope you can help. My WD My Cloud does not show on my network anymore and the orange light is on continuously. I need to back this drive up to another external hard drive. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you…Paul.

What troubleshooting steps have you tried?
Have you tried using a different Ethernet cable to connect the My Cloud to the local network router (or switch)?
Did you change anything else recently on your local network (like change broadband providers)?
Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard? Does the network router’s administration page (DHCP server) indicate handing out an IP address to the My Cloud?
Have you tried a 4 second or 40 second reset? ( How to Reset a My Cloud Device)
Did the My Cloud update to OS5?
Were you previously backing up the My Cloud to an external USB hard drive using the My Cloud Dashboard’s Safepoint or Backup option?

As a last resort one can extract the My Cloud hard drive from a single bay/single drive My Cloud enclosure and connect it to a computer either using a spare SATA port or using a SATA to USB adapter/docking station. Once connected to a computer one can use Linux, or a Linux boot disc, or a Windows Linux driver to view the contents of the My Cloud hard drive.

You may want to use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) to search for similar past discussions about My Cloud’s with orange or red front LED light to see if any other suggestions may work.