Conectar disco duro externo a WD Cloud EX2 Ultra


¿Cómo puedo conectar una unidad de disco externa a mi NAS y que el sistema (OS5) lo reconozca?



Just attach the external USB hard drive to the USB port on the back of the My Cloud. The USB drive will be mounted/seen as a Share. You can then configure that Share through the Dashboard. If you want the Dashboard to reflect the attached USB drive free space in the total capacity then set USB Content Availability under Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access to ON.

If you haven’t done so already you really should read the My Cloud User Manual ( ). It explains the attachment of a USB hard drive to the My Cloud for either extra storage space and for use as a Safepoint / Backup location.

If you use the USB drive as a Safepoint / Backup location or target, if that USB drive is larger than the content stored on the My Cloud then you can use that extra space for storage in addition to having the drive as a Safepoint / Backup target.