Backup, concerned about sufficient space for backup

I have a 2TB My Passport drive, and use WD Backup software. I backup every day. Query: will I eventually run out of space on my Passport, and have failed backups, and have to manually delete backups? Or, will the software automatically remove older backups to make room for newer backups?

Also, how many backups does the software retain? In other words, if I backed up yesterday, and also the day before that, will both backup sets be on the Passport? If I browse the files manually, I seem to see just one backup set.

Thank you.

WD Backup does an incremental backup. Every time you disconnect and reconnect a backup target or source device, the WD Backup rescans and backup new or changed files only.

However, you can manually view the backed up files to get confirmation about the backed up files.

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