Backup and Retrieve tabs inactive

Using v. 1.6.4, MyBookEssential software on Windows v. 7 PC, the Backup and Retrieve tabs don’t work (greyed out).  I had loaded the latest MyBook software version at the suggestion of WD support because backups weren’t working - I can easily manuallycpy files to the backup drive, but the software that came with the drive has never worked.  Help.  Had this thing a year and can’t get it to function!!!

Not sure if its the same problem but I had a similar difficulty. I found that you had to click on the hard drive icon before the backup and retrieve tabs became operational. Once clicked the icon lights up with a blue halo and the tabs light up blue and then work.

However, I found that out by trial and error (it doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere in the manual) If you have had yours for a year it may well be you’ve tried that.

Good luck.

You did it!  Thanks so much.  So simple, but as you said, not in the book!