Retreive and Backup Tabs Grayed out in My Book Essential

The Backup and Retreive tabs are grayed out in the Home page on My Book Essential and only the Dropbox icon is displayed in the Backup Target area. Does anyone have a solution to this please? I have seen a number of posts re this issue but no solutionj.


Hi Parveen,

forgive me if I am stating the obvious. In the home page you have to click the target drive to activate the Backup and Retrieve Tabs. If you have already tried that then I am sorry.



Hi John
The problem is that Dropbox is not my target drive - it has just suddenly appeared! My target drive My Book is missing.

It normally means that the PC cannot see the drive (or not with sufficient speed to recognise it), or as the previous poster has stated that it isn’t selected.

How are you connecting the PC to the drive (directly or via a hub, and what sort and speed of port)? Can you see the drive directly via Windows Explorer and access the files on it?