Backing up MyCloud to PC

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I’m in a bit of a bind.  I have a MyCloud 6TB that has started making some loud clicking noises.  I want to RMA it, but need to backup the data on it first.  Diagnostics show fine, but I honestly don’t know how much longer the drive can last in its current condition.

The drive has a little over 2TB used.  Unfortunately I don’t have anything large enough to connect to the USB port to create a Safepoint backup.  The only choice I have is to backup the shares to my PC.  Is this the only way?  Iw as hoping to possibly utilize the Smartware utility, but that only seems to back up TO the MyCloud, not in reverse… 

do to the number of issues reported with safepoint I would backup with file explorer to the PC or to a USB disk either on the PC or connected to the mycloud

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Okay, so there is a way to backup the drive to a USB attached  to the MyCloud other than using Safepoint?  Or would I be better off just attaching a USB drive to my PC and doing the file explorer method?

You can retrieve your backups to your computer using SmartWare. Have you looked at this?

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To be honest, I would use the Explorer method. I use Teracopy Pro, which will verify the Checksums to make sure what you are moving/copying is exactly what you have received. If something goes wrong with the transfers then TeraCopy  shows you which file caused the issue if “Verify” is turned on.

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