Backing Up a My Book Live Drive

I bought two 2TB My Book Live Drives. I am using one of the drives on my home network to store and access photo and video files by multiple computers on the network.  I want to use the other My Book Drive to backup the one that is being used by my home computers.  How do I do it?

Use the SafePoint feature.

I’ve read through the My Book Live Manual, even done a search for “safepoint”.  I can’t find any reference to it.  Where else should I look?



If your user manual has no Safepoint info on page 89, then you’re reading an old user manual and your MBL has an older firmware version as well.

This is the latest MBL user manual.

You’ll have to make a firmware update since Safepoint is only available after firmware 02.00.35, and the latest firmware version is 02.10.09