Backing up my other two my book lives that have our movies and music videos

Hi guys I bought another 3 TB Mybook live and was wondering if I can back up my movies and music videos  to it from the other two that I have…  I just want to use it as a back up drive for the other two units that store all of our media files… I can only see the back up for my computer will not let me access anything else… 

Safepoints can be used to do that.

ok going to try ty

yes i got it… on the dashboard with the new software… tried to get the guys to explain it to me this weekend… i was told to speak to a level 2 agent on monday when i called back and have a nice weekend… was getting frustratted… anyways its doing it… set up the two boxes to back up on the 3rd… ty kindly…   5 stars!!

I talked to a Level 2 agent just to make sure all the stuff i did this weekend was the correct way… including getting rid of all the back up files and the files the smartware had accumilated over the last 6 month on the first box… (5 back ups  - default is an over kill for a home system)  1.5 TB of files I got rid of… unreal… anyways everything is working squeeky clean thanks to you.  I was able to back up the 2 hard drives (god forbid that the movie harddrive crashes and we lose 1 TB worth of movie files… I would never hear the end of it from my man… ) using the safepoints it was able to read every drive that I have set up on the network.  I was also able to map them out properly before doing all of this… anyways… thank you for the pointer and steering me in the right direction. 

Also I was running out of ports (4 tp link router) so under the sugestion of a friend from Friday we picked up an 18 port d-link swithch for small buisness solutions… using up 8 already was the right thing to do instead of a hub.  We have ip addresses for each port instead of one from a hub which would have been confusing was easy to set up with the WD system. All compatiable with the modem and the d-link router that  we have…