My Book Live - USB Backup of some folders

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I was investigating and finally I have to ask how can I schedule a backup of some folders from My Book Live Duo without an external PC managing them, into a connected USB drive.

What I want is to backup only some folders (pictures and personal videos) into a connected external USB drive to MBLD, and schedule it for synchronizing. I was looking for any software for the feature package manager or similar, but I could not find any. I suppose it should be something not complicated, like a script in Unix running for copying the folders, but I do not know how to build it, and I cannot depend on an external PC.

Can anyone please support me with this topic?

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Hello, you can try using the Safepoint feature, check page 86 of the manual for more information.


Thanks for your answer, but it has apparently nothing to be with my question:

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A safepoint is a snapshot of your My Book Live Duo device at a specific time stored on a compatible network-attached device such as another My Book Live Duo device. The safepoint is a collection of all of the data on your drive, including users, shares, WD SmartWare, Apple Time Machine, or Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista backups, and associated device configuration details. In the unlikely event that your My Book Live Duo device fails, you can completely recover your data from a safepoint to a factory-fresh My Book Live Duo device.

I need to schedule the bakup of only some folders… I do not care about configurations, although it is not a problem… my problem is that I cannot bakup everything (too much data without sense).

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Eduardo Fernández

Hi again and sorry for the delay, unfortunately there is currently no way to backup single folders using SafePoint. You have the options to use a third party backup program that allows you to backup files from a network location. 

I think some routers say you can do that through their programs but they often promise more than they can deliver.

The below will work if you have two mybooklives but not if you have an external hard drive.  Cost isn’t that much different between an external harddrive and a mbl anyway is it?  You can put them in separate houses too in case there is a fire.

bittorent sync.  and

It’s not the same thing as the torrent downloads just an fyi in case you were worried it isn’t private.  Note, I haven’t used the program myself yet so don’t know how well it works but looking at their forums, I think it’s promising.