Back up file extension says "JPG_LAST File"

I have a New pc, Win 10. I already had a My Book (with working folders) and My Passport Ultra for Back ups.
Starting all fresh, I set up the Passport to do a backup of the My Book and the C:drive on pc. The C: drive looks fine and i can actually see doc/photo on the back-up on passport (in the preview window). The MyBook made it’s own volume with alot of '0’s and the names of the files show up, but when i look at the actual files, i cannot view (ex: a photo) in preview window, nor can i open it in (ex: Photoshop) or any viewer. the TYPE file name is “JPG_LAST File and JPG58585F0F File”
I used WD Backup.swstor software from WD.
What is wrong? There seems to be no problem with the b/u from the pc.
Is the Book b/u useless? Can i fix it, or do i have to delete it and b/u in a different way?


have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling WD Backup?

Well, i shut down last night perplexed, I fired up pc now, and it appears that all those weird ext have been changed into the jpg that they originally were. I wonder if they had to take time to convert… since i have thousands of photos, and it took 6 hours for the first backup. (do these drives work while the pc is turned off?
at any rate, they appear to be actual files i can work with at this point.
thanx Hamlet (not even going to the uninstall situation again. I have had multiple issues since purchasing new pc. I suppose i shall do a test and see what happens)

actually on further examination… the weird extensions only appear under the folder marked “History” the second volumes are the actual back up photos with jpg ext.
SOOOO all good.!

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