Automatic load subtitles


Hi all,…

the others WDTV can automatic load SRT subtitles, if they have the same name as video…

how to enable it using the WDTV mini?

and how to identify the subtitle languages?



im trying to find out this and nothing so far.

seems wdtv mini doesn’t have this feature of autoloading subs :confused:


it would be nice the have this feature becuase it is being a pain in the back side having to enable subtitles all the time.

you have a video split into several files and reach with its own subtitle, so after one finishes and other starts, you need again to load the subtitle even with all video and subs on the same folder…

really a pain when showing friends videos from trips abroad where subtitles are required to explain the videos…

please some developer enable this feature!!! it should not be difficult!