Regarding subs


Hello all. I have just bought the WD mini for my bedroom CRT and it’s a neat little device, except I can’t seem to figure out how to auto load the subtitles. They are the same name as the movie file (except the extension), and they load fine when I turn them manually from the options menu, but won’t auto start and I am  not seeing anything that will help in the settings menu.

Also the eastern-european support is missing as well. That is just lame. I mean how hard is to add 12 more characters in the latin alphabet? That should not happen to WD, especially since my living room 1080p CHINESE NO BRAND media player is doing it better.



After some reasearch I found out that this is not possible on the Mini. If you are in same situation as me and you would like this fixes (and also improve the subtitle visibility and add Eastern charset)

You can vote for the idea here.


This should be posted in the ideas section