Automatic backup of my Live onto an external drive?

Acutally, drives. My data is stored exclusively on a 3tb Live and I want to back it up automatically onto my 1TB and 2TB Essential drives. Is there a way? Otherwise I have to remember which of my 280,000 files I’ve updated and back them by hand. That would be less than ideal. And probably impossible in the long run.

What software are you using, WD Smartware, the version that is bundled with your Essential drives, will not be able to do this.

You will need to use a 3rd party software.

You could always by a second MyBook Live 3TB and set up a regularly scheduled safepoint backup of the first drive.  You can pretty much just set it up and forget it - it will provide relatively quick and painless recovery should your primary MBL fail.

Yes, I know. I was asking which third party software will do this…

I have two drives at the moment. Is this something I can do with the smartware software?

Sorry for the late response - The safepoint backup for the MBL is a feature of the the MBL firmware - you set it up via the Web UI Dashboard - under Backups/My Book Live Backups.  You can either create the safepoint on a share on the second MBL (recommended) - or to a network share on a Windows box, linux box, etc.  If not using an MBL as the target of the safepoint - you will need to test the process  to ensure that it is compatible with the network share that you choose to use for the safepoint.  If you are asking about 3rd party software to do something similar - maybe providing more flexibility than the built in safepoint feature - then I may have misunderstood what you were originally asking.

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