Audio Problem Again... Again!

Every time I start the WD TV Live the audio don’t come in, I have to restart it four or five times and some times even more plus theres noting wrong with my Gear or Cables. It just started happening with the recent firmware. The HDMI was coming out from the WD TV Live and in the Onkyo HT-S3500 then out to the Samsung UN40EH530 HDMI TV something I don’t really want to do why have two HDMI’s when I only need one.

So after having problems with the Sound I put it directly to the Samsung UN40EH530 and used the Optical Cable thinking that would do the trick lol boy was I wrong not that it wasn’t surprising because hey where talking about Western Digital here.

Reset the WD TV Live to it’s default settings and selected audio through Optical Cable and the Problem still happen’s I posted here about the problem but again where talking about Western Digital, I guest Seagate will do something about it when they buy the Company.

I already smash one of them in the floor a fews weeks ago I guest this ones up next, has I NEVER had problems with any of my Gear but one Western Digital Live TV. There’s one thing I hate the most and that’s sloppy code junkies don’t get me wrong I respect them more then any other thing that has to do with Computers but not code junkie Kiddies!

So when you kids are done playing around with your toys let me and the community know when your ready to fix the problem okay. :wink:

P.S I have noting better to do with my time and will post here on the forum unitl the problem is fixed also I’ll be Phoning the company tomorrow and again again until the problem is fixed.

I would say Thanks but for what wasting my time Thanks! :robotmad: 

I guest I can try the new firmware but at this point I hope is more dead then death it self. :cry:

I’ll try updating from v12 to 15 and see if that works.

Version 1.14.xx to 1.15.xx I mean. :wink:

PhoneyVirus wrote:

I guest Seagate will do something about it when they buy the Company.

Nah, they’re busy fixing firmware bugs in their HDDs.