Audio Problem

Audio Through HDMI or Optical Toslink Link dose NOT work at first, the only way it’s detect I first have to set it back to Stereo then back to ether. What a going on with these Product’s not to mention I just smash one of them in the Kitchen floor a few hours ago. After looking at the hardware inside I can see why the **bleep** WiFi don’t/work when it wants too IT HAS NO WIREs to the Realteh WiFi Chip you could solder two wires to the chip and drill a hole on the back of the casing then there wouldn’t be anymore problems.

I posted here before with attitude and got band, but has of two days ago I just give up on hardware to much stress in my life I give up on all for it. So after i was done smashing the WD TV Live in the floor the batteries in my Stereo went dead at this point I kinda of wish I was dead WHAT PROBLEMS in my life just fix the **bleep** problems test it, not use us as Pig’s, is it so hard to get a few videos and play with the setting STOP living in the code come the **bleep** once and awhile live a bit NOT bit has in hardware a bit in live wake the **bleep** up.

Plus I sold my father the first one I had the old one not second version the last update for it got halled after the fact it was garage I bet you that to the day it was never fixed O and one of my Passport HDD fail three weeks ago so you can see where I’m coming from I don’t want to hear bull**bleep** like I do weely from anyone on the forum not even the Admins I’m just telling you the Audio is messed up and it could be because of the Dolby TrueHD - _Dolby_® Digital Plus what every it’s called google it if you want to know the the names becasue I don’t care NO MORE have a great day and I just hope you guys fix it.

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