Attach a supported WD drive

I purchased a WD My Book 4TB drive for a user at my company. Once the unit was installed, WD Discovery, WD Security and WD Drive Utilities were all able to detect the drive. In WD Drive Utilities, I changed the drive to a mirrored drive (Raid1). Since this was done, only WD Security sees the drive. Both WD Discovery and WD Drive Utilities display “Attach a supported WD drive”. The drive appears in File Explorer (Windows 7) and I am able to move data from and to the drive. I obviously would like the drive to appear in WD Drive Utilities as I would like to know if one of the drives is beginning to fail… Has anyone seen this before and knows of a solution to this issue?

Hi shayduski,

You should check or ensure the WD Drive Manager and all WD Services are running and set to Automatic (for Windows PC Only). You can refer below article in this concern.

Hi Brandon,
Thank you for your reply. I have already tried updating the firmware on the My Book Duo and verified all WD services were starting automatically… I followed the link below…

I have opened a ticket with WD; their first response was to go to WD Drive Utilities and check the heath of the Duo drive. This obviously cannot be done as the utility does not recognize the drive…