WD Drive Utilities doesn't find My Book Live Duo

I just bought a refurbed My Book Live Duo 6TB. I change from the RAID 0 Default to RAID 1.

I loaded all the software, including WD Drive Utilities, but keep getting the “Attach a Supported Drive” when I open it.
I checked the updated my Windows 10 drivers, reloaded the WD utilities and checked the Services to make sure all the WD applications are running and automatic.

I can see the and write to the drive on my computer under “network”, as well as create folders, drag drop, and create users and permission for our cell devices, so none of that functionality is at issue, just being able to see it in WD utilities so I can do the RAID 1 switch.

What next?

Hi treclark,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thanks,. I sent in a trouble ticket. Says they have 2 days to get back to me. We’ll see.

I’ve got a MBLD 8TB that I recently purchased, and its LED blinks all the time. I managed to set up the drive to RAID1 using the options available on the “Dashboard”, which I accessed by typing the NAT address into my browser. Once I got the “Dashboard”, I went to “Storage” under utilities, and used “Edit” to set it to RAID1.