Archos 70 internet tablet with adroid 2.2 and cannot see the WD Photos from the android market



Today, I went to purchase WD TV Live Hug because I read that WD Photos app were available for both the IPAD and adroids. 

I do get access to most apps on the android market.  However, some since my manufacturer has its own android app store, The android market will not recognize my android version due to the fact that my manufacturer is not listed with google.

Ny tablet has been sold for million of items in the past year.  It currently runs android 2.2 .

Not that it is not link to any carrier as it is an internet tablet that goes on wifi.

Please, help me get that App for my tablet.  I really want to keep this nice machine I bought from you.

Thank you for your time,



Men, I have the same issue with a Koby  Tablet, they have they own app store, unfortunately, there is not much that you can do, In the end, I Google how to make the android market work, without rooting the tablet, and it work.

Unfortunately, there is not much that WD can do in this situation.


Worst than that, I already have access to the google market and have already downloaded many apps from it.  The issue with the WD apps seems to be related to the way WD is asking for validation on the end-user equipment.  

When I try to download the WD soft, I get a message saying that my unit is not compatible with this device (this is where google and Archos are not talking to each other… as in fact I have android 2.2.)


Have you try to look for the APK application instead of downloading from the marketplace?


Yes I did for both applications.  No luck.  I am not giving up.  I rarely do.  Still have a lot of option to go.  If ever I find a workaround, I will come back here.  This is sad for me that I cannot use together two products that individually claim they fit together.


frankcossette, I do have absolutely the same issue with my odys loox.  I do have access to the market via web browser and downloadad several apps, but no luck wich WD apps due to the market tells me the tablet is not compatible (which I don’t believe. 

I also didn’t fint a alternative to these apps, did you?


actually, a friend of mine downloaded it on his phone, backed it up and emailed it to me…  i installed it once copied to my card…


The WD Photos app on the Android Market only has version restrictions. If the app will not install from the Market, there may be a regional restriction put in place by Android. In many cases the restriction is due to local laws, but there may be other reasons. Contacting Google may net you a response regarding the regional restriction.

We have also heard of phone providers restricting some apps, regardless of region.

We have our apps on Amazon as well if you find you are unable to use the Android Market and are in a supported area for the Amazon App Store.


Actually, in this case, it is because the maker of our tablet (ARCHOS) is not recognized by Google as an “official android device” even thought we are using android 2.2 or 2.3 (not sure )…   Archos does not seem to be cooperative when I asked them for details.  Eventhough, I like my tablet for its price, I will not buy another ARCHOS.