Where could i download app wd photos for installing manually?

I can not install APP WD PHOTOS / WD 2GO directely from Android market because it iseems that my tablet is not compatible with this software.

For this reason, I need to download the APP and so to install in my tablet manually

Where could I get boths APPs?.


Try to download it from the market web page.


try downloading it from here 


not sure if it will work but give it a try

WD Photos and WD 2go are not restricted on the Android Market for Android devices that meet the following criteria:

  1. Running Android 2.1+

The Android Market does do regional restrictions. If you cannot install WD Photos or WD 2go on your Android device, and it meets the above criteria, you may be in a Restricted Region. Please contact the Android Market with any questions regarding Regional Restrictions.