Android app for wd photos question


where is the app for wd photos? cant find it on android market . the is a link on itunes but its dead. i have a  “my book world edition and htc desire on froyo 2.2”. has it been pulled ???   please help me locate and install this app.

many thanks ian…

There is an Android version of WD Photos available on the Android Market.

If you are unable to see it in the Market, you should contact your phone’s service provider to see why it is unavailable.

hi laura, thanks for reply…

i am with t mobile in the uk and have spoke to them and they refered me back to you.  they said that if it was there my ph would see it… its definatly not on the android market via my phone, however i did find links using appbrain , itunes  etc ! and varios other searc h engines and all the download links get the same error msg " the requested item cannot be  found"  is what it says…

could you mail me a copy or direct me to a link that actually works? worst case senario i can download to my pc and send it to my phone that way.

awaiting your reply

kind regards ian

What is your phone Model, and how much space is on your SD card?

hi again !!!

my phone is an htc desire on froyo 2.2 firmware and there is 3.7 gig availible on the sd card  +14.7 mb internal ram .

any clues??? update please

The developers would like a screenshot of the error finding the WD Photos app in the market (from when you click on the URL).

ok im not sure how to do that…

but this may help

i go here to the app dpwnload

once the square icon to scan with barcode scanner comes up i scan it then the message i get on the phone is as follows

there are no matches in the android market for the search pname:com.wdphotos.

suggestions make sure all words are spelled correctly

try different key words

try more general key words

if i send the download link directly to my ph via email i get the exact same thing…

if i 6try to download from the app brain site directly from my phone i get the error come up  in a black text box

saying… not found

                the requested item could not be  found

hope this is clear as i dont know how to do a screenshot on my ph, as regards to the pc i cant find anywhere to download it directly to my pc then send it over to my ph.

kind regards ian.

ps please note that i have tried the android market app direct , plus appbrain plus a few other apps that lead to the market and they all give the same result.

I actually had already replicated the error on my phone so I forwarded the photo to an engineer.

Thank you – they’re now trying to figure out what’s going on in the Android Market.

ok thanks for your reply. i will wait with baited breath !!!

please let me know how it goes.

meanwhile can i download it to my pc and then copy to my ph from somewhere???

I still haven’t heard anything from our Engineers. They’re looking into the matter though, since it does affect adoption rate.

We do not have the APK available for download.

Is your phone an unlocked phone, or was it provided through t-mobile? We are trying to track down all possible reasons so we can communicate with google to get this resolved.

One of our engineers may have found the reason it isn’t appearing; can you try searching for the WD Photos app again in the Android Market?

Please let us know if it is now available.

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ok its there !!! what ever he did he’s (or she’s) done it !!!..

for the record my ph is a untouched ( not rooted) ph from t mobile. anyway ive downloaded it and gonna go play

many thanks for your help


Thank you for your reply Ian!

I went ahead and let the engineer know his fix allowed the app to be visible.