APPS - Not a M y c l o u d mirror


I believe I have already posed this question but am unable to find the original thread in which to view the replies. So apologies for that and to, anyone who contributed. With that said I hope no one minds me asking once again:

I have a new, recently purchased MyCloud that I believe to be simply a up-to-date MyCloud and not a ‘Mirror’ nor a ‘Gen.2’. What I do have is a section within the MyCLoud Dashboard marked ‘Apps’.


My question are:

  1. What device do I have?

  2. What can I do with the pre-installed apps | what is their purpose?

  3. Can third party Apps be installed ? -

  4. Is there any documentation on how to do so?

Please bare in mind I have tried my best to answer these questions prior to posting & I seem to recollect someone offering me the MyCloud Mirror documentation by way of resolving my inquiries.

I hope you can help, thank you.

MyCloud vs Mirror is very easy to distinguish physically. One is slim, and the other is fat, has an opening lid and two removable hard drives.

The firmware version will tell if it’s a gen1 (v3 or v4 firmware), or Gen2 (v2 firmware). F/w version is shown on the Dashboard home page. Google the user manual.


You have a single bay My Cloud with firmware

if u want to install 3rd party apps, looking for fox_exe thread, it may avoid the warranty