MyCloud - Dashboard APPS


I’m not quite sure what model or type of MyCloud device I have but I have a question concerning one of the dashboard features.

I’m intrigued to see what it is capable of doing and better understand how it works.

Is anyone able to offer some insight, please?


Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( Have you searched this subforum for past discussion on v2.x firmware apps?

The issue of the v2.x firmware having an “apps” menu page has been previously discussed. Currently the v2.x My Cloud does not officially support third party apps like the more expensive My Cloud models do. Unofficially (and likely violating the My Cloud warranty) it might be possible to add third party apps like the more expensive My Cloud versions but it involves changing some v2.x firmware files via SSH.

Most if not all of the [Apps] threads discussed in this sub forum for the single bay, mostly v4.x firmware version My Clouds are unofficial apps.