Porting dashboard from EX or Mirror

Hey, I’m looking for a way of adding the “Apps” tab to MyCloud dashboard, which is present in more expensive versions like EX, or Mirror (among other features, like cpu load and network usage charts, etc). This feature allows easy installation of popular applications like Transmission, etc.
I tried downloading EX2 firmware to examine the file system in detail, but the upgrade file is binary. Can anyone with a EX or Mirror share its www folder? Or perhaps shed some light on how to extract the binary file?

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Cannot officially be done unless WD decides to add that feature to the lower end My Cloud units. The ability to add third party apps is a selling feature/point for their more expensive units.

The newer generation, v2.x single bay My Cloud does have the App tab but it is limited and apparently does not support the many third party modules the more expensive My Cloud units support.

Unofficially there may be ways to replicate such third party features by using SSH to install unofficial modules or alternate operating systems to the v4.x single bay My Cloud. Keep in mind however that due to the processor and RAM used on the single bay My Cloud’s one may have problems running certain unofficial apps/modules. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for [APP].


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All limits written in /usr/local/model/web/pages/function/define.js
But for install apps need edit model name, but can’t find where exacly…
Something like fix:

mkdir /tmp/function mount -o bind /tmp/function /usr/local/model/web/pages/function cd /usr/local/model/web/pages/function ln -s /usr/local/modules/web/pages_MirrorMan/function/define.js

For dev’s/hackers:
Unpack app package (app’s .bin files = tar.gz + 200 bytes info in header)

Fox, could you explain a little more? What’s the purprose of those commands? Also I don’t have the /usr/local/model/web/pages/function/define.js file.